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We rent fully furnished living spaces that are extremly suitable for the accommodation of your employees in the Eemshaven area. The rental spaces are fully equipped furnishment et.

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DC Wonen is an agency that is focussing on the demand of her clients: you ask, we deliver. At the moment DC Wonen has accommodations available for more than 50 people in the Eemshaven area. It’s possible to have more living areas available on your request. In Groningen we are also renting a great number of studio’s, appartments and houses that are ideal for you (or your employees).

The locations of our accommodation near the Eemshaven area:

  • Spijk, between Delfzijl and the Eemshaven;
  • Uithuizen, in Eemsmond;te huren woning nabij Eemshaven
  • Appingedam, near the city of Delfzijl.

The rental houses and their facilities:

  • Cleaning of the accommodation once every two weeks;
  • Changing the linen in the accommodation once every two weeks;
  • A kitchen with fitted appliances and facilities;
  • An accommodation that has beds, sofa’s and a flat screen TV.

There’s no guarantee sum required for these accommodations. Please contact us for the possibility to rent (one of) these accommodations!

The coal-fired power plant.

RWE is currently building the most modern coal-fired power plant in Europe. This new plant will provide power supply for about two million people. The processing of power from coals in this plant will be more efficient than any other plant. By using this method, fewer raw materials are needed to produce energy,

slaapkamervan huurwoning Delfzijl

which contributes to a better environment. The Eemshaven is an ideal place for the power plant. This location ensures RWE of a delivery of large amounts of coals. To produce electricity form biomass an installation will be put in this plant. This installation runs on renewable energy en will provide power supply for about 2,000,000 people. The construction of the power plant in the Eemshaven will have a positive influence on the employment in the entire province of Groningen. The construction and maintenance of the power plant will provide for about 450 jobs.

In the future, the plant could be used for the treatment of the greenhouse gas CO2. The plant will be constructed in such a way that it can be converted into a CO2-free power plant. However, it will probably take several years before this technology is available and can be practically implemented.